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30/04/2020 - From 15 USD
31/05/2020 - From 17 USD
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Pentedattilo Film Festival is one of the most important Festival for Short Movies in Southern Italy. Every year Pentedattilo Film Festival opens to those insatiable travellers who explore unusual borders, dedicating them a 5 full time days of screenings, seminars, films, special events. The PFF, born in 2006 in the ghost town of Pentedattilo, Italy, by a group of young filmmakers and promoted by Ram Film, aims to give visibility to the most recent production of short films and to foster ideas and artistic exchanges; whereas the awards are an encouragement to the authors who invade each year a place that represents an emblem of change and creative sharing. It is actually during the days of the festival that the ghost town of Pentedattilo turns back to life: the sole source of light in the steep narrow streets is the light of the short films screened in the old houses. We fill the ancient farmhouses, the small squares, the open spaces with the stories of hundreds short movies. We annually recover an abandoned town to let it become a symbol of a virtuous union between cinema and territory.
Address: Via Itria 26/A - 89132 - Reggio Calabria - Italy
Phone number: +39 096-503-2426
Contact Person: Americo Melchionda, Festival Director
 Fashion Film
 Film Noir
 Gender Equality
 Human Rights
 Mental Health
 Science Fiction
 Third Age
 Urban Art
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