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19/04/2020 - From 1 USD
10/05/2020 - From 3 USD
31/05/2020 - From 5 USD
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Dear friends! Submissions for Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2020 are now open. The submission is free till March 29, 2020. And after it will be cost $USD1-3. But, as a participant of the past Insomnia festivals, you can use the entry fee waiver to have your film compete in the 2020 official selection. The waiver code at the FilmFreeWay platform: HelloInsomnia2020 https://filmfreeway.com/insomniafestival The waiver code at the FestHome platform: 223428895dc1ec13 https://festhome.com/f/2889 These codes are valid thru May 31, 2020. You may send this code to friends and colleagues, if you wish. But, please, don't public it to open sources. And, of course, you can send us the video links with passwords at the official e-mail of the Programming Staff of the Insomnia'2020: contest@insomniafest.ru. See you and your film at the Insomnia'2020 (July 15-20)! Best regards, Pavel Shvedov program director of the Insomnia'2020 Insomniafest.Ru
Address: Kholodilniy per., 3, str. 2 - 115191 - Moscow | Kaluga - Russia
Phone number: +79153169323
Contact Person: Pavel Shvedov
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